1. Details On Filming Conditions And Locations

    By daniel on 2002-01-24

    Absolutely James Bond, a James Bond site, has reported several elements about Bond 20 reportedly revealed to them from a source who has worked at Pinewood Studios.

    Some of the news they have reported is all to famaliar to us. For example, Bond 20 will be only filmed in Spain, Iceland and at Pinewood Studios due to the terrorist attacks which took place on September 11, 2001.

    However, there are some other points of interest in the report however. Spoiler warnings do apply so please read at your own risk.

    Spoiler Warnings (Highlight To Read)

    The filming that will take place in Spain will reportedly only feature a scene which is apparently a Cuban Hospital. ‘AJB’ has reported that the hospital is “going to look really hi-tech and modern”. It seems unlikely, however, that the film crew will go to Spain simply for one sequence, especially when the hospital itself will be built at Pinewood Studios. If a sole scene is the case then it seems likely that only the 2nd Unit will attend the location and film for a day or two. Much the same thing happened with the external filming of locations in Istanbul, the political climate prevented the film crew from filming major scenes there.

    While it is already known that Colonel Moon will have ambitions to control Japan as well as the whole of Korea, according to the AJB Bond 20 will feature scenes actually placed in Japan. One direct reference that AJB made was to the Japanese Skyline which has already been structured as a model for filming purposes.

    That's all for now! You can discuss this news in the Bond 20 Forums, where John007 recently started this thread about the topic. And a big thanks to John007 for the tip-off!