1. Beanstalk Group Appointed to Bond Licensing Program

    By daniel on 2002-01-23

    The Beanstalk Group have been been appointed to manage key aspects of the licensing program for the James Bond films. The Beanstalk Group describe themselves as "the world’s leading trademark licensing and promotional products agency and consultancy. Current Beanstalk clients include AT&T, The Coca-Cola Company, Harley-Davidson, Ford Motor Company, The Stanley Works, Mary-Kate and Ashley, McDonald’s, and Master Lock" which are obviously some of the bigger clients an agency could have on board.

    “James Bond has captured the world's imagination for 40 years as the most famous secret agent of all time, becoming a truly powerful brand,” explained Keith Snelgrove, SVP of Bond Marketing Inc., the licensing arm of Eon Productions. “In the past year more than 15 licensing partners have signed on with the new program through Bond Marketing, including Mattel, Corgi, Boxtree Publishing, Sideshow Toys, and Swatch.”

    In an effort to expand the licensing program further, Bond Marketing (who are a branch of Eon Productions) will be working with The Beanstalk Group to source licensees in a number of lifestyle product categories, including electronic ‘gadgets’, luxury barware, men’s grooming products, leather accessories, outerwear, collectibles and toys such as board games and action figures. “After a review of potential agencies, Beanstalk was the one company that understood that we are marketing a long term brand not a short term movie property. We knew they would be the ideal partner to ensure that our already successful 2002 licensing program could reach even higher levels,” Mr. Snelgrove noted.

    It seems that with so many products on the market Bond mania may finally return. And personally, I can't wait!