1. Spy Report: Will Yun Lee To Play Villain In Bond 20

    By daniel on 2002-01-22

    Actor Will Yun Lee, best known for his role of Danny Woo in 'Witchblade', has been cast in James Bond 20 an insider tells us. However, the rest of the report contains spoilers and must be highlighted to read;

    Spoilers (Highlight To Read)

    Will Yun Lee ‘Colnel Moon’ in Bond 20. Colnel Moon is a villainous role who is seeking domination of Korea, Japan and the United States. He is also the son of General Moon.

    Our insider has also revealed details on other parts of Bond 20.

    * Colnel Moon has eight supercars ie. F40, Diablo, a Jag, Merc. etc all from his criminal activities.

    * His compound/hq is a sandy area by the sea

    * The sandy area is filled with mines for protection

    * The hovercraft action sequence will be featured in this area

    There’s some great information in there. Again the news about a hovercraft sequence is still reacurring. However, the other information is all new!

    Moving back to Will Yun Lee, an interesting point in his biography is that he is a fifth-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, making him the perfect Bond villain.

    That's all for now, but we'll have more information as soon as we can get it! Until then you can discuss all this news in the Bond 20 Forums, where this thread has been especially created about the news.