1. Eco-Friendly Bond

    By daniel on 2000-08-11

    Pierce Brosnan wants to make Bond a more environmentally friendly spy in Bond 20, that’s according to a report on the IMDB.

    Brosnan is now promoting the Forest Stewardship Council, which promotes world conservation, and sources close to the actor claim he wants his 007 to be more eco-friendly. He explains, “The FSC label guarantees that the forest a product came from is managed to protect clean water, wildlife habitat and recreation. That’s why World Wildlife Fund, The Wilderness Society, Rainforest Alliance and Natural Resources Defense Council are all active supporters of the non- profit Forest Stewardship Council… Conserving the world’s forests requires action. You don’t have to be a movie star to be an action hero. Help conserve the world’s forests. Look for products carrying the FSC label.” And Brosnan is keen to take his environmental concerns further – by giving Bond an eco edge. A source says, “Pierce has always been keen to back environmental issues and now he’s trying to persuade the powers that be to give his James Bond an eco side to his character.”

    The full report can be found on the IMDB here for a short time only. The past three Bond villains have been a former spy, a psychotic media mogul and a pain immune gun for hire – an unstable ecoterrorist is actually a good match.