1. The Facts Of Bond – Part 1

    By David Winter on 2002-01-19

    This week marks the beginning of "The Facts Of Bond", a brand new collection of in-depth articles written exclusively for CBn.

    Jord's first article can be viewed here. It looks at some of the problems the 21st century Bond is facing.

    And here's a little 'taster':

    Because during the 40 years that the Bond franchise is running right now, there was only one film sequence that knew to catch that tense, sensitizing atmosphere that Fleming recalled in Casino Royale. It’s the famous Dr. No sequence wherein we see Sean Connery in a smoky casino, lazily introducing himself after lighting a cigarette, with that unique arrogant and somewhat tired expression on his face. This sequence breathes Fleming all over; the appeal to the senses, the tiredness, the boredom of Bond, not being on active service. We can almost smell the sweat, the greed, and the fear.