1. More Details About The Ice Palace & Other Locations

    By daniel on 2002-01-17

    It's impossible to traverse an up to date Bond site at the moment without some mention of the Ice Palace being built at Pinewood Studio's, even the BBC have shown footage of it. But we're back with more details on it, this time from Dagbladet, a Norwegian newspaper.

    Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read)

    Dagbladet used an ‘octopus’ to describe the Ice Palace being constructed at Pinewood. However, it seems unlikely that the description should be taken literaly. Rather it seems that Dagbladet are referring to pillars supporting the struction coming down from the ceiling – much like tentacles.

    Dagbladet has also spoken of how Bond gets to the location, apparently on modified snow scooters (by Q-Branch perhaps?) which are invovled in a chase sequence at some stage.

    The fate of the Ice Palace? Destruction like all lairs of course. Except this one seems more like self-destruction. The Ice Palace will be melted by a new super weapon that will be introduced by the film.

    Dagbladet has also spoken of other things they managed to learn while at Pinewood;

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    A satelite named Solaris Space, a building with resembelences of a iron and the Sydney Operahouse, a diamond-mine inside a conservatory and a hospital in Cuba. They were also shown a diversity of spacesuits, armours, cars and tanks.

    Regular news readers will note that this isn’t the first time that a hospital has been referenced in regards to Cuba.

    A big thanks to 'Jonas K' for sending the news into us!