1. Frozen Hotel Inspiration For Bond 20?

    By daniel on 2002-01-15

    A frozen hotel in Jukkasjärvi, in the north of Sweden, known as the Ice Hotel may be the inspiration for a Bond 20 location. This hotel has derived its name as it is totally made out of frozen water; the rooms are ice, the bar is made from ice, the front desk, and so on. In what may seem a corny line, I'm guessing the hotel doesn't provide its guests with in-room heating!

    The news comes from Expressen who have indicated that the hotel will inspire the villains lair in Bond 20. Perhaps the days of hollowed out volcanos are returning!

    The hotel's CEO confirmed to Expressen that contact has been made between them and the Bond producers, but he had no further comment about the matter.

    We'll let you know more as it comes to us!

    Thanks to 'Sanchez' and Rolf van der Vlist for e-mailing me the news!