1. US Focus Group Asked About Title And Teaser Poster

    By daniel on 2002-01-15

    'Aint It Cool News' has reported that a focus group has been run in Marina Del Rey in Los Angeles in relation to Bond 20. The aim of the focus group was to find the most favoured title and teaser poster for Bond 20, those questioned were asked to chose from a selection of four or so options.

    The informant for AICN could only remember three of the four selectable titles, however, he assured AICN that the missing one was worse than the others. Three of the titles were: If Looks Could Kill, Double Cross and Black Sun.

    To that all I can really comment is they're really bad titles for a James Bond film. If Looks Could Kill is an extremely poor title and would only serve well in the Bond genre as a chapter heading of a novel. Double Cross is probably the best of the three titles and while suitable perhaps for a novel title it doesn't exactly evoke the enthusiasm a Bond title should. Finally, while Black Sun could conjure images of the 'Far East' in ones mind, it too is not worth of a Bond title.

    The teaser posters, however, seem more worthy of Bond. AICN's informant has described them as such: We also saw 7 possible teaser campaigns. Most of them involved shots of ice, or cold. There was one very cool one of a martini glass with a bullet inside the drink and it looked a lot like the Absolut Vodka ads. The BEST ONE was of a gun and silencer resting on a block of ice, the muzzle pointed at the viewer, smoke rising from it with Brosnan in the smoke…I'm not even close to describing how unbelievably cool this was.

    At least the teaser campaign sounds promising, even if the titles do sound droll. I'd really love to see the artwork mentioned, it sounds very good. Hopefully Bond 20 will produce some drawn artwork like the original films, rather than the computer rendered artwork that's popular today.

    Don't forget to voice your opinions in the Bond 20 Forums, specifically in this thread which has just been started about the focus group.

    Thanks to 'Beamer' and 'Teodor' for the tip off about the news!