1. More On Rosamund Pike's Character

    By daniel on 2002-01-14

    While confusion still reigns over the character Rosamund Pike will play The Times has published an article which, if correct, reveals more information on the character Pike will play. As there are possible spoilers here, despite being subtle, you'll have to highlight the news to read it.

    Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read)

    In an aritlce titled “The spy who came back with a cold”, a direct reference to the head cold that Pierce Brosnan was suffering during the press conference last Friday, The Time has said that Rosamund Pike … has been cast as an MI6 agent. She described her character as a sexy match for Bond, “a rival for skill and nerve”.

    An MI6 agent they say? That’s the first we’ve really heard of it. Until now we’ve only heard that Pike would be playing a scientist, though this of course is possibly only rumour. Perhaps she’s actually playing a scientist working for the secret service? The speculation could go on forever.

    Moving back to Pike's characters name, CommanderBond.Net has been able to confirm from a source close to Pike that the name of Gala Brand is likely to be changed. We first report that news when the Hollywood Reported published an article stating that Pike would play "Miranda Frost" rather than "Gala Brand".

    If you'd like to discuss the character Pike will play you can do so in this thread of the Bond 20 Forums. Thanks to 'Jaques Nexus' for the tip off about The Times article!