1. Brosnan And Berry On Good Morning America

    By daniel on 2002-01-12

    Pierce Brosnan and Halle Berry were interview on Good Morning America yesterday, with some great information on how the pair are working together on Bond 20. And we have a complete transcript of the interview for you, thanks to forum user Mister Asterix!

    Firstly, some points of interest. From the picture above you may be able to tell that the interview was conducted live from the set that will be M's Office in Bond 20.

    Also of interest is Berry confirmation that she's not sure she's playing a villain anymore. While she had been declaring it in all the interviews to day, she said that fact was now up in the air.

    So onwards into the interview. Thanks again to Mister Asterix for the transcript and to Zencat for the picture above!

    Good Morning America, ABC, January 11, 2002
    Diane Sawyer>IT's a historic milestone. All of history is leaning in to listen. As filming begins today on the 20th James Bond Film and as we've said this is the most successful film serious in the history of Hollywood. Also on of the most successful actors in this role, conceivable, is Pierce Brosnan and hes joining us this morning. And he's joining us from London's Pinewood studios were filming is about to begin and he's going to introduce us to some who's going to be his challenge and arch-rival, coming up. And Good Morning and happy 20th, Pierce.
    Pierce Brosnan>Thank you very much Diane. Good morning. It's great to be speaking with you this morning from Pinewood Studios and as you know the 40th anniversary of this great franchise.
    DS>And I've always wanted to ask you something and finally I get my chance. When you get this role and you know your going to play it do you stand in the mirror and practice saying Bond, .James Bond?
    PB> <pause>Yes. You do. It's pretty pathetic. It's just you can't get away without doing it. I mean because the words are immortal. Every guy has said them. So brushing the teeth, yes, usually with a mouth of toothpaste. But I do find myself doing it. I had to.
    DS> That's a thrilling and glamorous concept. Alright, you want to introduce us to someone I understand.who is going to be one serious Bond Girl.
    PB>Yes, I thought she lost interest but I will introduce the beautiful and wonderful Halle Berry. Come in Halle, please. Its lonely without you.
    Halle Berry> I was sad out there with out you.
    <pierce kissed Halle's cheek>
    DS>Hey, Halle how are you?
    HB>Hi Diane I'm wonderful. Its good to be talking to you again.
    DS>So am i right that this is your first villain and is it very physical? Is there something thats brand new for you?
    HB>Well I'm not sure Im a villain. that might be a bit of misinformation. Im not sure what i am really. but it is something new for me. Although Ive had some introduction to this kind of filmaking with X-men and Swordfish but i think i get to do it in high style this time.
    PB> there's a physicality between us I think.
    HB>I think we do.
    PB> there's a few clinches between our characters
    HB> Yeah, I just found out about it this morning actually.
    DS> What can you tell us? scoop. scoop.
    PB> Well you know the love interest for Bond, he meets these beautiful women and they usually end up in the bedroom together. Or the beach… or the back of the car. Or wherever.
    HB>Ooo.. the back of the car.
    PB>The old fashoin way.
    PB to Halle>What do you mean you just found out this morning?
    HB> Hes joking.
    DS> I want ask this because every one sitting at home would imagine that when the sexiest man alive, and People Magazine has confirmed it really its pretty official really you can't get better evidence than that.
    PB> I acccept it, Diane, I accept it.
    DS>I understand its a great burden to carry but it yours. Take it. And when the certifiably, unbelievably sexy Halle Berry are on the screen together or on the set toghether. What is it like? I mean we imagine the two of you shooting smoldering looks. We imagine the showing up everyday in your tuxedo and your–
    <Pierce shakes his head No>
    DS>No?!? No!?!
    PB> We don't know we just met about two hours ago…
    DS> Did you really?!
    PB>…in front of the world press.
    HB> Yes
    PB> Two hours ago we did our press confirence and we stood in the coridor about ten minutes ago and talked about family anf life. That was our first conversation and now…this is how the world sees us for the first time.
    DS> But Pierce did they come to you and ask you who would you like did you help choose Halle?
    <Pierce and Halle are having a few word and not quite listening to Diane at this time>
    PB> In a heartbeat. I've been watching this women for sometime now, on the screen, and in the pages of all the magazines. And I think this is a most beautiful woman. She has proven to herself and the world that she is a fine actress. So she can do anything she wants really and I'm so pleased that she's chosen to do this film. I really am. Because you want to have somebody that who respect, admire,and who's going to challenge you. And Halle has done that for herself with career.
    DS>You know Halle, when we talked and I think it was over a year ago last time, you said to me that really what you want to do is play alot of roles in which race was irrellevant or rellevant as you chose it to be, but simply to be the women you that wanted to be on screen and this has been such a phenominal year for you. I have to think you've acheived exactly what you told me you wanted.
    HB> Oooh, thank you. It certainly does feel like I'm on the right road, that's true. And being a part of Bond was exactly what I was talking to you about. In this movie I get to just be a women, who's not only sexy but she's smart and a formidable opponent for Bond. And that feels good that my colour does not proceed me as I enter in to this amazing franchise.
    DS> And we will say again for the record because you've said it over and over there was a rumour out that you were going to go topless in this film and you've said veatmaly that this is a PG movie. No way.
    HB> The only person who'ss going topless is Pierce.
    <Laughs> <Pierce covers his face>
    PB> Sexiest man…
    DS>Pierce you've said once I'd like to keep doing Bond as long as I can.
    HB> (about Pierce's comment) And I must say he absolutely is Diane., In case the world is wondering is he as good looking upclose , is he as sexy as they say he is. The answer is yes. And I think might be topless in all these love scenes. Not the women.
    DS>Well the world is buying tickets.
    PB> (about Halle's comments) We're saving that til the end of the schedule.Preperation, preperation.
    DS>Get those abs working. And thank you both and congratulation on the opening day of filming. And get to know each other you two.
    PB> Have we lost you? Have we lost you.?
    DS> No

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