1. David Arnold Speaks Bond 20

    By David Winter on 2000-07-26

    ‘Icebreaker’ over at 007Forever talked with some people that had recently interviewed Composer David Arnold who dropped some gossip – seems he will be back for the next Bond film and wants a “fast song” for the title credits as “he wants to send Brosnan out in style” (not a direct quote, but close enough). It would seem that Arnold believes (though its only a hunch of his) that Brosnan will step down after the next film, outlined as his last in his contract. However, Arnold wouldn’t be in the ‘know’ so to speak as to whether Brosnan has been signed to further films. Also on that note, financially Brosnan is the most successful Bond and it’s likely that EON will try and bring him back for a few more films just to secure the Bond franchise.