1. Toby Stephens To Play Gustav Graves

    By daniel on 2002-01-11

    A German new source Web.De has just revealed further details on Bond 20, however, the validity of the report can of course not be verified.

    To begin with, actor Toby Stephens will apparently play a villain character Gustav Graves. Could this be the mysterious character with a Blofeld likeness that German TV stations have been reporting about? We're sure to find out. This report possibly runs contrary to previous speculation about Stephens character. Bond's hunt for Gustav will apparently take him to Cuba, Hong Kong and finally to London. It's strange that there's no menion of Korea in there.

    They have also reported Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read) that Bond 20 will open with a hovercraft action sequence and this action will take place in the demilitarised zones between South Korea and North Korea. Could the previous news about the surfboard sequence in Hawaii be related?

    Also mentioned are details on Halle Berry’s character of Jinx. According to the news source she will apparently help Bond reveal a traitor. An interesting notion. Will Gala Brand be the traitor? While she is undoubtedly the main Bond girl in Fleming’s novel she does leave Bond at the end. One can only make the logical conclusion. But, we’ll see!

    We'll tell you more news as it breaks!