1. UPDATED: Production Launch News

    By David Winter on 2002-01-11

    So far at the production launch at Pinewood Studios…

    approx 15:05 GMT

    Heart 106.2 FM UK update. Nothing new; only that Halle Berry and Rosamund Pike will be staring as the Bond girls.

    However, this time it sounds as though, the reporter, Rachel Heart couldn't say anymore than that. It sounded a lot like she knew a great deal more.

    Maybe EON is waiting for the web cast to come? Then all will be revealed? Only guesses I'm afraid. Looks like we're now just waiting for 16:00 GMT now.

    approx 14:22 GMT

    Heart 106.2 has said that they'll be broadcasting lots of Bond news at 3pm. Their correspondant, Rachel Heart, has been talking to Pierce Brosnan and claims that he has some good news for us.

    approx 13:26 GMT

    A report on Ananova has just been published. Lee Tamahori has said that suggestions from fans for a title for Bond 20 would be gratefully received.

    Is there really no title yet for Bond 20? Tim from the Bond 20 forums, said that his source had found out that "Cold Eternity" which was a working title had now changed. Is there, or is there not a title? When will we find out?

    Filming has been confirmed to start shooting on Monday the 14th of this month.

    Berry said: "I grew up watching Bond, to now be a part of it is kind of surreal, but meeting Pierce and the rest of the cast has made it a reality."

    Pike, for whom it is a first film, says she had not been a huge Bond fan while growing up, but she is looking forward to an "electrifying" experience as the latest Bond girl.

    She denied the role is sexist or demeaning to women, saying the reason Bond girls are still sexy is because they are a match for 007 in skill and nerve.

    British actor Toby Stephens is playing the villain. "I know I would never get to play James Bond, so playing the villain is definitely second best," he said.

    The story begins in Korea with a spectacular high-speed hovercraft chase and continues via Hong Kong, Cuba and London. Filming will also take in locations in Hawaii, Iceland and Spain.

    It seems as though (if the report is authentic) the hover-craft rumour we heard last year was correct. Will this link in with the new report with the surfing image?

    approx 13:25 GMT

    BBC News 1 o'clock showed video clips from the press conference. However, it now seems unlikely that we'll learn the plot or title today.

    Halle Berry was questioned, and the interviewer asked if she knew what the plot was, and whether she could tell us – she said she couldn't. She never mentioned that we'd learn later on, into the day.

    Lee Tamahori said that Bond 20 was to have a terrorist incident where lots of Americans were "destroyed". This was then taken out of the script after the September 11th attacks.

    Nothing more was said.

    approx 12:00 GMT

    Pierce Brosnan wants to extend his contract for one more Bond film after Bond 20. He loves the role, and has said that time has gone so quickly, "Time has gone by so quickly. It seems like only yesterday I was sitting here for GoldenEye."

    Some pictures have emerged on Ananova from the production launch: