1. Two Actors To Play Main Villain In Bond 20

    By daniel on 2002-01-11

    The Hollywood Reporter has indicated that actors Toby Stephens and Rick Yune will both play the main villain in Bond 20. Obvious spoilers are attached to this report so you'll have to highlight to read.

    Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read)

    Rick Yune has been rumoured to be playing the assassin Zao in Bond 20. It has always been rumoured that Zao will undergo some face mutation in Bond 20 – the reason of which has only been speculated upon until now.

    According to the Hollywood Reporter the transformed version of Zao (who will apparently take on an American appearance) will be played by actor Toby Stephens. The official James Bond site has already confirmed that Stephens will be appearing in Bond 20, however, they have not commented on his role.

    The reason for the face transformation is so that Zao can evade Bond, who will evidently be tracking him down.

    A big well done must go to ‘MisterKKB’ who was the first to notice the physical similarities between Stephens and Yune in the Bond 20 Forums. MisterKKB provided this photo evidence, which highlight the similair facial structures.

    Bond 20 is certainly heating up and the press conference is less than seven hours away. Don't forget, the Bond 20 Forums will undoubtedly be a hive of activity with all this recent news. See you there!