1. JamesBond.Com Received Major Updates

    By daniel on 2002-01-10

    The official James Bond has today received a major update with new information about Bond 20 surfacing.

    To being with is the great news that the Bond 20 press conference will be streamed across the Internet at 4:00pm (1600) GMT. You'll be able to watch that streaming footage through It will be streamed with Windows Media which you can download here.

    The official site has also revealed through the ask Yarborough section that: David Tattersall will fill the role of Director of Photography in Bond 20 (something we'd reported ages ago), Bond will again strap an Omega Seamaster to his wrist and that Iris Rose is again working on the production (she has worked on all Bond films since For Your Eyes Only – thanks to Graham for the correction on that!).

    JamesBond.Com has also added a new downloads section to the site. The downloads include three screen savers for both PC's and Mac's (the screensavers are 40th Anniversary screensaver, Dr. No intro screensaver and a Flame Girl screensaver), three wallpapers (following the same three themes as the screensavers), and finally 12 'Buddy Icons' for anyone who actually uses AOL Messenger.

    So check out the official site. A big thanks to Blofelds Cat for letting us know!