1. BKD Comments On Locations, Actors & Script

    By daniel on 2002-01-09

    The German James Bond Fan Club (BKD) has spoken out about other elements of Bond 20, aside from their news that Michelle Yeoh will not be reprising her role of Colnel Wai Lin.

    To begin with the BKD has commented that actor Arnold Voosloo will not star in Bond 20. Voosloo had stated in an interview in mid-2001 that he was in negotiations to appear in Bond 20. It seems such an opportunity has passed him by.

    Moving on the BKD has commented about several locations in Bond 20. The first is New York, which was apparently in the original draft of the script but subsequently written out of the script after the events of September 11. The BKD have also commented on several other locations;

    Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read)

    The location of Maui in Hawaii, which we reported on Boxing Day 2001, which has been rumoured as featuring in the pre-titles sequence will apparently feature action invovling some sort of military action according to the BKD. Korean actor In-Pyo Cha had revealed that his character of Colnel Moon would have a fight in the opening sequence with Bond. Perhaps we’ll see Colnel Moon featured here?

    The BKD has also reported that the location of Hong Kong will feature in Bond 20. However, all of the scenes featuring Hong Kong will actually be filmed at Pinewood Studios. Hong Kong has not featured in a Bond film since The Man With The Golden Gun. It will be interesting to see if Bond travels to Hong Kong and if any reference of The Man With The Golden Gun is made in Bond 20.

    That's all for now. We'll have more news as it breaks! A big thanks to Tim from for the news alert!