1. Michelle Yeoh Will Not Return In Bond 20

    By daniel on 2002-01-09

    Bad news for Bond fans anticipating the return of Michelle Yeoh as Colnel Wai Lin in Bond 20. The German James Bond Fan Club (BKD), a usually reliable news source, has reported that Yeoh will not be able to return to the Bond series due to a circumstances prohibiting it, most likely these circumstances are schedule conflicts. As a result, portions of the script for Bond 20 will have to be re-written to exclude the character of Wai Lin.

    While such a change is disappointing it will make excellent trivia in the future, especially once fans have copies of the first draft of Bond 20 (something likely to only happen after the release of them film this November). It will be of great interest to see what role Colnel Lin would have played and how the removal of her character affected the film.

    Michelle Yeoh had first been rumoured to make an appearance in Bond 20 in January 2001 (over a year ago now) when she confirmed in an interview that her agent was in negotiations about reprising the role.

    A big thanks to Tim from for the news alert!