1. Tight Bond 20 Script Security

    By daniel on 2002-01-09

    As I'm currently writing another report that includes major spoilers and details about Bond 20 this report will be brief. However, it comes from actor In-Pyo Cha who auditioned for a role in Bond 20 last year. It's part of his account of auditioning for Bond 20, which you'll get the full news on soon.

    I told Tony that I can only make the decision [on being cast in Bond 20] after reading the completed screenplay. Precisely two hours later, the screenplay for 20th 007 movie arrived at my hotel.

    The screenplay had a serial number. The cover and all of the pages had the number “282” printed numerous times in light black color. This was done in order to prevent photocopying, and it was a system to prevent the content of the screenplay from being leaked to the competitors. In other words, the screenplay that I received was the 282nd copy of the screenplay for the 20th 007 movie. I could see that they printed a relatively small number of screenplays, compared to over 200 staff members and many more actors. It must have been another security measure.

    Several months ago Bond 20 @ CommanderBond.Net were the first to comment on the Bond 20 Script security. Now we've had another report. Bond 20 is looking to be huge! What things could be kept in store? What dark secrets are in Bond 20?

    Let's wait and see. A big thanks to DreamLord for the news.

    And don't forget to stay tuned for the rest of the news soon!