1. How To Live The James Bond Lifestyle

    By Devin Zydel on 2009-09-29

    Live Like James Bond – Even In a Recession

    He’s dashing, he’s daring, and he always gets the girl. Get a piece of the action, the glamour, and the excitement of living the James Bond lifestyle with a little help from self-improvement guru Paul Kyriazi, author of How To Live The James Bond Lifestyle.

    The Complete James Bond Lifestyle Seminar

    The Complete James Bond Lifestyle Seminar

    Men admire 007 for his cool, his flash, his women and his adventurous lifestyle — all of which can be duplicated without signing up for Her Majesty’s Royal Service. A former producer of action/adventure films himself and an extra in A View to a Kill, Paul Kyriazi, author of How To Live The James Bond Lifestyle, suggests that men cannot go wrong in any situation in life if they asks themselves this simple question: What would James Bond do?

    The James Bond Lifestyle explains that men go to Bond movies and cheer Bond on. They root for him to go on despite the pain and blood. But then they come out of the movie and forget to root for themselves.

    With James Bond as a man’s ultimate self-help expert, the challenges of everyday living can be met with a positive attitude and a calm plan for seeing things through.

    Paul Kyriazi offers these additional tips for Living The James Bond Lifestyle:

    • The ultimate secret for attracting women is that girls just want to have fun. Men have to direct that fun by surprising women.
    • Carry lots of cash. Bond never has to run to an ATM or rely on credit cards. He can relax because he has the cash.
    • Dress up even at home alone. A Bond woman could drop by.
    • Undertake plenty of missions and give them names.

    Kyriazi has been interested in the James Bond Lifestyle ever since he saw Dr. No when he was in high school but it was only about ten years ago, after an intensive study of self-help disciplines and books, that he was able to distill the essence of Bond cool.

    Actor David Hedison, who appeared as Felix Leiter in Live and Let Die and License to Kill, gives a 12-minute introduction to the program. He met the author at SPYFEST on the Queen Mary in 2001 and also appears in Kyriazi’s McKnight’s Memory audio-book narrated by Frank Sinatra Jr., with performances by Robert Culp and Nancy Kwan.

    The 8-hour audio-book How To Live The James Bond Lifestyle on CD is taken from The Complete James Bond Lifestyle Seminar with 50 extra “pages.” The author reads it with 20 other actors performing dramatizations along with sound effects.

    After graduating from the San Francisco State film department, Paul Kyriazi wrote and produced six theatrical feature films, including Death Machines for Crown International Pictures. During this time, he continued his studies in success and human potential, studying in person with such notable teachers as Anthony Novell (The Million Dollar Secret Hidden in Your Mind).

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