1. Pierce Brosnan Reported As Starting Filming Today

    By daniel on 2002-01-07

    British radio station Heart 106.2 has today reported that actor Pierce Brosnan conducted his first day of filming on James Bond 20. While CommanderBond.Net did know that Brosnan would be at Pinewood Studios today for one of the first times on Bond 20, we did not know about the reported filming.

    Brosnan has been in Britain for sometime now and was reportedly being fitted for suits quite some time ago. Actress Samantha Bond, who will play Miss Moneypenny in Bond 20, has also confirmed that she has been fitted for suits which have now arrived from Italy – presumably Brioni also makes her suits.

    The Bond 20 filming news was announced by David Prever, who is currently filling in for the regular host Jon Coleman. Prever also confirmed that he had seen Brosnan at a local gym. Brosnan has been a popular man around London recently, several people have e-mailed me saying they've seen him around the city with his family.

    Don't forget you can discuss this news in the Bond 20 Forums, in particular this thread which was just started about the news.

    And finally a big thank you to everyone who sent in this news alert to us; including Jill W, Mark and Susan.