1. Brosnan On GMA & How That Affects The Press Conference

    By daniel on 2002-01-07

    Actor Pierce Brosnan will appear on Good Morning America on January the 11th, the program slated to start at 7am. GMA is a live to air program so it's likely that the interview with Brosnan will be done live by satelite from London, where Brosnan currently is as he's preparing for his role in Bond 20.

    However, such news throws doubt on the reported press conference on Pinewood. North Korea Net have indicated that the conference will be held on January the 11th in London. However, our own insider 'Vanquish' indicated that the conference will actually be held at Pinewood around January the 14th (Vanquish, however, couldn't specify an exact date).

    There are two possibilities, Brosnan will do an interview and a press conference in one day, or, North Korea Net were wrong in their announcement that January the 11th is the day of the press conference. Personally I believe the latter to be the actual reason.

    Either way tune into Good Morning America, if Brosnan mentions anything about Bond 20 please let me know through [email protected]

    Thanks to 'gala_brand' for letting us know about Brosnan's interview.