1. Kimberley Davies Reportedly Scores Bond Role

    By daniel on 2002-01-07

    Australian actress Kimberley Davies has reportedly audition for a role in Bond 20 according to Dark Horizons. Dark Horizons has reported that Davies auditioned for a number of roles and has "all but signed up for a part" after "scoring one".

    The blue eyed blonde (though we suspect the latter may just happen to come out of a bottle) rose to fame in Australia and both the UK after her starring role in the Australian soapie "Neighbours" in which she played Annalise. She will turn 29 this February.

    Before researching Davies biography I may have simply written this rumour off, however, it's evident from her acting credits that Davies is attempting to make a name for herself away from Australia. Recently she's had bit parts in films such as The Next Best Thing and TV series such as Ally McBeal, Early Edition, Profiler and Spin City.

    With such credits to her name Davies could come under consideration, even at an early stage. If she had got a part we'll soon know, a press conference is expected to be held at Pinewood within a week.

    If you'd like to discuss Kimberley Davies or anything else to do with Bond 20, then the Bond 20 Forums is the best place to do it! This thread has been started for the discussion of Davies in particular. See you there!

    Thanks to 'level007' for the tip-off.