1. Jaguar R3 Features 007 Gun Logo

    By David Winter on 2002-01-06

    When the new Jaguar R3 Formula 1 racing car was unveiled earlier this week, many people got a shock when they noticed the 007 Gun logo symbol on the wing mirror! This is due to Bond 20 featuring cars from the PAG (Premier Automotive Group – which owns Ford, Jaguar & Aston Martin).

    Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read)

    Several tabloids have reported that “insiders” have said that Bond will drive the Formula 1 racer, Jaguar R3 in the film – however we can’t comment on the authenticy of this rumour.

    Daniel Dykes here. It’s not often I post in Dave’s news, but I think the time calls for it. Bond in a Jaguar in Bond 20? Highly unlikely. Fans of CommanderBond.Net will not only note that such a sequence exists in John Cox’s script treatment, but moreover, such a sequence recently featured in Charlie’s Angels. Bond 20 is unlikely to follow suit so quickly.

    The reason for a Jaguar racing car having the Bond 007 logo on it? Well exactly the same thing happened with the BMW racing cars during the promotional period for GoldenEye. Afterall, if you’re reading this news you’re thinking about Jaguar Racing and hence taking an interest in it. It’s very clever marketing.

    Daniel Dykes out!

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