1. Cocktails & Cosmos: Where Science Meets the Arts on 19 September

    By Devin Zydel on 2009-09-07

    Cocktails & Cosmos: Where Science Meets the Arts with Gavin McKinney – James Bond Underwater Cinematographer

    Indulge in an intimate view of the deep blue
    Saturday, September 19 from 6 to 10 pm
    Orlando Science Center

    On September 19, join Florida James Bond Club members as they attend the Orlando Science Center for a celebration of art, dance, and the deep blue sea at one of the city’s most socially inclined and scientifically unique events. From 6 to 10 p.m., Cocktails & Cosmos will feature an eclectic display of activities and displays designed to engage the senses. Guests are invited to dress in “tropical island” attire to fully participate in the evening’s festive vibe.

    The centerpiece of the event will be a colorful performance of Polynesian style entertainment, plus a film and an exhibit that offers unique perspectives on undersea life, displays of still photography, and much more. As the night begins, guests can enjoy a variety of beverages with “Happy Hour” specials from 6 to 7 p.m. along with an assortment of appetizers available for purchase.

    Following Happy Hour, Lanakila -a Polynesian dance troupe Рwill perform their native dances throughout the evening. Log drums will set the tempo as performers twirl knives and bop to the island beat. Cocktails & Cosmos also serves as the premiere of the giant screen film, Sharks, on the eight-story tall Dr. Philips Cinedome. Screening at 7 and 9 p.m., Sharks offers an astonishing, up-close encounter with nature’s ultimate, yet endangered predator while delivering a compelling conservation message.

    Presented by Jean-Michel Cousteau, Sharks features the Great White, Hammerhead, and Whale Shark as they really are: not wicked man-eating creatures, but wild, fascinating and endangered animals that have been in existence since a million years before dinosaurs roamed the earth. The event’s guest of honor is Gavin McKinney, the film’s director of photography. He will be introducing the film before each screening and available for questions and autographs immediately following.

    Credited with more than 15,000 hours underwater and a resume that includes several James Bond movies (Gavin has worked on The Spy Who Loved Me, wrangled the python in Moonraker, coordinated the shark sequences in Never Say Never Again and For Your Eyes Only as well as underwater work on Cocoon, Raise the Titanic and other great films) and James Cameron’s The Abyss, McKinney will provide a charming perspective on his undersea adventures. Photographer Miriam Lorenzi creator of Miriphoto, will also be on hand sharing a display of her dazzling images entitled “Ocean Beauty.” A successful Orlando photojournalist, Lorenzi will be sharing her creative work, inspired by music and the natural world. Guests can also venture to the top floor of the Science Center and enjoy stargazing in the Crosby Observatory through one of the largest refractor telescopes in the state.

    Another journey underwater awaits guests in the A-Mazing Sea, a new exhibit that premieres earlier that day. A walk-through exploration of sea turtles, sharks, octopi, and whales, A-Mazing Sea is a series of mazes representing the undersea kingdom. A unique display that infuses a layered learning experience with play, this exhibit lets you climb into sea turtle shells, crawl through a whale’s mouth and reach into an octopus cave. These encounters will help guests discover simple solutions for challenges that face inhabitants of the deep blue.

    All these activities are included with event general admission, which is $12 per person, and free for Orlando Science Center members. For parents looking for that “rare couple’s night out,” the Science Center will be providing an excellent childcare program that includes dinner and an array of fun activities. Drop off starts at 5 p.m. and pick up is by 10 p.m. Cost is $25 for the first child and $20 for siblings. For more information on the childcare option, please call 407-514-2112. For more info on Cocktails & Cosmos, please call 407-514-2000 or visit

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