1. Motionless 007 takes top award in World Statue Championships

    By Devin Zydel on 2009-09-07

    An actor posing as James Bond has taken the top award at the World Statue Championships in Amsterdam.

    The BBC News reports that Chris Clarkson was named the public’s favourite human statue after posing as secret agent 007 along with his personal Walther PPK-inspired watergun. Clarskson had managed to stand nearly motionless for four hours at the event attended by about 300,000 people.

    ‘It’s hard work,’ said Clarkson, ‘my whole body had to be tense, but it’s great fun.’

    ‘My James Bond statue took nine months to create. The plinth I was stood on held all my water and I had pipes down my trouser leg to ensure the water fired out of the BB gun.’

    He continued: ‘I made my own weapon by hollowing out the gun and creating a special circuit so the water would be pushed out when I pulled the trigger.’

    ‘People might think it’s boring, but it’s actually great fun. I was a little bit annoyed a couple of weeks ago when I was a tennis player in Leeds. Someone came and stubbed out a cigarette on me. That wasn’t too funny, but on the whole I get a really good reception from people.’

    To view a photograph of Clarkson as James Bond, click here.

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