1. No bonding for Gerard Butler

    By Devin Zydel on 2009-09-03

    His name has come up more than once as a possible future James Bond, but according to a new interview, Scottish actor Gerard Butler isn’t quite sure he’d want to be known as the latest 007.

    Digital Spy reports that Butler told ShortList that actors risk being typecast if they take on such an iconic role.

    ‘I enjoy doing an array of films,’ he said. ‘If I was to play Bond, that would quickly stop. How likely would I be accepted doing those roles after having played Bond?’

    ‘You do a lot of movies as Bond and you’d become even more synonymous with the role. I think Daniel Craig is a great Bond and good for him, but I would much rather create a role from nothing.’

    He further added: ‘I feel blessed to have done 300 because I think it will go down as a seminal movie and a classic. And it came out of nowhere.’

    As many Bond fans are aware, Butler made a tiny appearance in the opening sequence of 1997’s Tomorrow Never Dies. When asked about the small role, he revealed that director Roger Spottiswoode took away his only line because he could not understand his accent.

    ‘They gave it to a really effeminate chap,’ he said. ‘He was a good bloke, but he delivered the line like it was a piece of gossip. I was gutted.’

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