1. 'James Bond's London'

    By David Winter on 2002-01-01

    One of the problems with being a James Bond fan and collector is the overwhelming amount of Bond-related material released. For those of us on a limited income, it can be difficult to decide what to buy and what to pass up. However, there is that rare occaision when something is released that you just can’t pass up. James Bond’s London is definately one of those items.

    James Bond’s London is the most comprehensive guide to the world of James Bond ever published. The three years author Gary Giblin put into this book certainly shows. From Ian Fleming’s homes to the ex-Eon offices James Bond’s London covers everything a Bond fan would want to know. Each location is catergorized by the region of London in which it’s located and detailed instructions on how to get there are also provided. Not only do we get instructions on how to get there, but we also get a bit of history in the mix. Giblin took time to include bits of history with the entries along with challenging trivia questions, interesting facts, and black and white photos. The layout is clean, easy to read, and easy to navigate which makes this book a practical travel guide.

    If there are two books about Bond on your shelf they’d better be The James Bond Bedside Companion by Raymond Benson and James Bond’s London by Gary Giblin.

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