1. Empire Magazine champions Kathryn Bigelow for Bond 23

    By Devin Zydel on 2009-08-11

    It may be many months away before an official announcement is made, but Empire Magazine’s Empire Blog is putting forth their suggestion on who should take the director’s chair for the 23rd James Bond film.

    Their selection: Kathryn Bigelow. While her highly acclaimed film The Hurt Locker was just recently released in theatres around the world, she is also known for K-19: The Widowmaker, Point Break and Blue Steel.

    Pushing the fact that Daniel Craig’s 007 needs to have a little more fun, Empire states: ‘If [Bond is] to be brash, rash and go ballistic once again, why give the megaphone to a woman? Because the woman is Kathryn Bigelow and with The Hurt Locker she shows she knows what Bond is all about: adrenaline … The Hurt Locker is one long high: set-piece after set-piece, bomb by bomb, always explosive. This is what Bond is supposed to be.’

    They further put for the suggestion of Ralph Fiennes (who has a starring role in The Hurt Locker) as the lead villain in Bond 23. ‘Imagine the bickering, the banter and the peculiarly British cruelty of Craig vs Fiennes—and Bigelow’s fiery feminine touch. Bring on Bigelow, bring back the kiss kiss, bang bang…’

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