1. Expansion plans for Keswick's James Bond museum

    By Devin Zydel on 2009-08-09

    This April saw the opening of the newly designed James Bond museum in Keswick and now owner Peter Nelson already has plans to expand the massive collection.

    The Times & Star reports that Nelson has applied to the Allerdale council to build a £50,000 extension for several large 007-related vehicles, including the Fairy Huntress Speed Boat, which appeared in From Russia With Love and a Russian T-55 tank from the GoldenEye.

    Nelson said: ‘At the moment we’ve had to loan the motor boat to the National Motor Boat Museum because we haven’t got the room to house it here. So the extension will definitely help us to keep bigger vehicles and props that have appeared in the films.’

    ‘We will be funding the development ourselves as there are not many grants out there for museums,’ he continued. ‘I hope that the work will be finished before our three-day convention, which we will hold next October. We’ve only been open since April but we have visitors coming from all over the world, so it would be great to encourage them to come back to see these new features.’

    Nelson added that the new extension would ‘soften’ the front of the Bond museum and improve the overall logistics of the space.

    For more details on the James Bond museum, visit the official website.

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