1. Pre-Title Sequence To Be Shot At Maui

    By David Winter on 2001-12-26

    Tim from 'All Time High – The 007 Generation, has alerted us of a report on StarBulletin. Most of the report contains spoilers, so please highlight to read.

    Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read)

    The report reads:

    A local camera crew and several surfers will be setting up shop at Jaws, Maui’s ferocious big-wave surf spot off the island’s northeast coast, for shooting the opening sequence of the as-yet-untitled MGM movie.

    The secret project reportedly will feature five noted tow-in surfers. Jaws regular Laird Hamilton, who lives in Los Angeles, currently is in negotiations.

    The Jaws opening is related to the film’s story line.

    A six-member camera crew headed by noted Hawaii water photographer Don King, who is “director of photography, surf unit,” and surf videographer Sonny Miller, have been hired to film the giant waves using jet skis and speed boats.

    The crew is scheduled to film surfing sequences for three days between Jan. 2 and 7, with the five-day window planned to ensure favorable wave conditions and footage, sources said.

    King, Miller and several other camera crew members currently are working on the film “Surf Girls,” being shot on Oahu. That production takes a holiday break through early January, allowing the water photogs a chance to shoot the Bond sequence. Glen Beadles of Maui is coordinating the Maui water work.

    The rest of the report outlines details that we have already heard. You can view the article here at StarBulletin.

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