1. Spy Report: The Opening Scenes Revealed

    By daniel on 2001-12-23

    Tim007, webmaster of All Time High, has told users of the Bond 20 Forums that a source of his has revealed to him certain information about the Bond 20 Opening Scenes. To avoid confusion, the opening scenes occur after the Title Sequence.

    As the source is not our own we cannot gaurntee authenticity of the material, however, we can say that we have no reason to doubt Tim007. People sensitive to film spoiler information may not wish to read this report. However, I will stipulate that it reveals no plot information. Despite this you must highlight the news to read it and the commentry.

    Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read)

    Bond 20 will start with a scene quite similar to “For Your Eyes Only”. First, we’ll see the text “In memory of Desmond Llewelyn” at the end of the opening credits- Than we’ll see Bond and other MI6 allies on the funeral of Major Boothroyd, on a huge graveyard.

    Well I personally hope this news is true, the first part as well. After such a long standing involvement with the James Bond series it is only right for Bond 20 to be dedicated to Desmond Llwelyn. However, I can see an arguement against the funeral of Major Boothroyd. Is it necessary to kill the character off? Wouldn’t it be possible to just mention that he’s retired from the Secret Service? The World Is Not Enough hinted at his retirement. And afterall, while Major Boothroyd could never again appear on screen if he is killed off it makes it less realistic to have the character return in the literary novels written by authors such as Raymond Benson.

    Tim007 has also posted further information suggesting that the scene doesn’t invovled all that much action, if any; “I can tell you that it won’t end in an action sequence or any chase.”. At least the funeral of Major Boothroyd will be a quiet affair. Tim007 points out that the scene ends and the next scene begins in M’s Office at MI-6 Headquarters.

    It's food for thought, and it's all a matter of personal opinion realistically. If you'd like to discuss this news please head over to the Bond 20 Forums and discuss it in this thread which Tim007 recently started.