1. More On Halle Berry's Character

    By daniel on 2001-12-22

    John007 sends us in this small report on Halle Berry's character 'Jinx' through the Bond 20 Forums:

    On Friday December 21st, Halle Berry appreared on the American Late Night Talk Show "The Late Show with Jay Leno" Their conversation started off with Jay saying that she was just in London for 'lunch' and asked why, where she responded "For the next James Bond Movie". She went on to say that her name was Jinx. Jay then asked:

    JAY:"Are You a Bad Bond Girl?"

    HALLE: "Lets put it like this-she could kick some butt!"


    HALLE:"She's tough, she's not a winpy Bond woman, she's pretty fiesty!"
    And that was the end of their conversation about Jinx.

    This gives a bit more about her character, but not much!

    Thanks for the report John007!