1. Sir Sean Connery backs nuclear test veterans film

    By Devin Zydel on 2009-07-27

    It’s been several years since Sir Sean Connery declared his retirement from acting, but the original James Bond could possibly return in the role of a narrator for a film centering on a Scottish war veteran.

    The Scotsman describes the true story as a David and Goliath-type battle between military bosses and veteran campaigner Ken McGinley, 71, who made history when he was granted the right to sue the Ministry of Defence (MoD) on behalf of thousands of former servicemen who were involved in nuclear testing on Christmas Island.

    Sir Sean Connery

    Sir Sean Connery

    More than 1,000 British soldiers claim they—and their children—were left with cancer and deformities after being exposed to severe radiation on the Indian Ocean-based island more than 50 years ago.

    Sir Sean is backing the campaign and also added that he would be willing to lend his voice for a film about the soldiers’ ordeal.

    After speaking with Mr. McGinley, Sir Sean further wrote a letter to his friend, journalist Alan Rimmer, to reveal his interest in the case. Discussing Mr. McGinley’s book, No Risk Involved, Sir Sean wrote: ‘It is a shocking history of events. I have already made my opinion regarding the possibility of filming the book to Mr McGinley … I am more than interested to see the end result and … I would be prepared to do narration.’

    Mr McGinley said: ‘Sir Sean was very interested in what we are fighting for. Having Sir Sean’s backing really gave me a boost. He is an icon in the film industry and I can’t think of anyone better to help raise our profile. If a film was ever to be made then it would be a great compliment to the veterans if Sir Sean was involved.’

    Sir Sean’s backing comes after a recent London High Court win by Mr. McGinley against the government for compensation. The MoD have until September to appeal the ruling.

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