1. Our Look At That Teaser Poster

    By David Winter on 2000-06-28

    Quite a few people have e-mailed us about the Trade Ad that surfaced a few days ago and they have raised various issues in relation to it. It was something that we were pondering about as well, so now we pose the question, is it real?

    There are a few points that I notice. For instance a trade ad normally contains a lot more information on it, this doesn’t even mention James Bond it just has a very bad version of the gun logo. The idea of a trade ad is to drum up promotion for the movie, this trade advert doesn’t even clearly state that it is a James Bond movie. Previous James Bond Trade Ads would indicate it should say something such as “The 20th James Bond Adventure Due From MGM/UA Christmas 2002”. On this point we can pretty much say that either the image is a fake, or a flop for advertising.

    Also it features only the UA logo, and it makes no reference to MGM (UA is owned by MGM). And where has the UIP Logo disappeared? It’s appeared on all the earlier trade ads and it also appears on the TWINE Poster. The UA logo did not appear on the TWINE Poster indicating that MGM doesn’t want to associated the two companies or something along those lines. The TWINE Teaser Poster had the UA and UIP logo’s and mentioned MGM for reference. After discussing this point with quite a few people it would seem that United Artists no longer has anything to do with James Bond, in fact all future films will solely use MGM for release and distribution. From this point we can assume that the image is a fake.

    Well they are the two main arguing points as to why the image is a fake. I posed the question to some other people in the know. James Rumley, editor of 007 News, says that it looks fake to him and “If there was going to be one, it would definitely be with the MGM logo”. Garth Franklin, editor of Dark Horizons who also published the image, tends to agree with my theories. He thinks it’s of a poor quality and because of the lack of information it definetley is not a trade ad “then again if this is a licensing show poster its pretty much what they do show.” Michael “Icebreaker” Kersey of 007 Forever, thinks along a slightly different line, he believes that the image could contain the font used in future promotions but he states that this is not a teaser poster.

    So what is my conclusion? I dont’ have one. I’m just as confused as you. Is it real? Perhaps. If so it’s a mock up of an official picture that is yet to be released.