1. Faulks hopes for Devil May Care adaptation

    By Matt Weston on 2009-07-19

    The James Bond International Fan Club relays a report from the Evening Standard last month in which novelist Sebastian Faulks reveals he’d like to see his bestselling 007 novel Devil May Care adapted for the screen.

    'Devil May Care'

    Devil May Care

    “One lives in hope,” the author said, adding, “Daniel Craig is a good Bond but I thought there was a little too much running and jumping in [Quantum of Solace] and the romance went out of it. It’s time to bring that back.”

    Eon Productions had previously ruled out an adaptation of Devil May Care. “We love the book, but because it is set in the 1960s, we haven’t considered making it in the near future,” producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson said at the time.

    Faulks responded, “I would have thought that if you could move Casino Royale from the 1950s you could move Devil May Care from the sixties. But Eon know what they are doing.”

    Reports surfaced last month that Eon are eying the Middle Eastern drug trade – a key element of Devil May Care – as a possible storyline for the twenty-third Bond film, which is currently in development.

    Devil May Care was released in paperback in May. The James Bond International Fan Club claims Penguin are hoping the paperback edition will outsell last year’s hardcover. The publisher are also said to be looking into new ways to market Ian Fleming’s original Bond novels.

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