1. Rick Yune Tipped As Bond 20 Cast Member

    By daniel on 2001-12-18

    The Hollywood Reporter has reported that American-born actor Rick Yune, star of The Fast And The Furious, will star in Bond 20 as the films villain. And I'll be the first to admit, it's not the first time the stars name has come across my desk. However, it was my understanding that Yune was out of the casting race. Things may have changed.

    The appeal of Yune is that he is of Korean descent, needless to say mass-Korean connections have been reported for Bond 20. The very first of which indicated that Halle Berry was to have a role in Bond 20, something we now know to be true.

    The Hollwood Reporter has revealed what could possibly be a part of the plot for Bond 20. For that reason, you'll have to highlight the next segment of this report to read it. Web TV users please use the print feature above to read the report.

    Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read)

    From the article;

    Although the script is being kept tightly under wraps, it is known that the story involves a device enabling facial mutation. Yune will star as a North Korean general named Zao, who is being tracked by Bond (Pierce Brosnan).

    Yune will don facial prosthetics for the part as his character comes across the mutating device and begins to undergo facial transformation. But the experiment goes awry, leaving him half-changed.

    A very strange plot element, however, if true I’d highlight it only as an element. There is no way that Bond 20 would be invovled solely around a mutation device, there has to be a deeper mystery involved.

    Despite this it’s interesting to note the similarities between this plot outline and the Korean reports indicating the involvement of a Korean general. It would be assumed that Yune would appear as the character described as in his 30’s, the son of a General. However, it’s been reported that this character will also be a part of the North Korean military, however, his rank has not been reported.

    Is Rick Yune to be cast in Bond 20? I'd say it's a strong possibility. As I've already said this news has come across my desk before now. Also it coincides perfectly with what the Korean rumours have indicated. The Korean rumours did indicate that Halle Berry would be the Bond girl, which we now know to be true, throwing credibility on the rest of the news reported at the time.

    If you'd like to discuss any part of this news, or read the full report from The Hollywood Reporter, please visit the Bond 20 Forums where MKKB has started this thread about the news. See you there!

    Finally a big thanks to Andrew for sending in the article.