1. First: Halle Berry Re-Confirms She's In Bond 20

    By daniel on 2001-12-14

    You may be thinking you're seeing double, but you're not. But yet again we're the first Bond site with the breaking news. Yesterday Entertainment Tonight showed a small clip with Halle saying "I am Jinx. I am the bad Bond Girl". However, it was noted that the clip could have been edited to indicate that Halle was in Bond 20, when in fact she could have been saying she was still in negotiations.

    However, using the chat board for her official site Halle has confirmed that she'll be in Bond 20. She wrote "Hello family…I have good news. The Bond deal is done! I am officially going to be Jinx! The filming starts in London on Jan 14th!!!! I am thrilled and I thank you all for being excited with me and for me! Love ya all, Halle."

    After lots of speculation we now know another cast member of Bond 20. Speculation as to what she means by being a 'bad' Bond girl is on going.

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