1. When Is The Bond 20 Press Release Coming?

    By daniel on 2001-12-14

    Bond fans have eagerly awaited the press release of Bond 20 for some time now, and it hasn't exactly been forthcoming. However, if the Portugese media are to be believed, it won't be coming until after Christmas and possibly in the New Year.

    It has been reported that no further details about Bond 20 will be released until a major press conference is conducted at Pinewood Studio's. At the conference the cast and crew will be present. With this in mind, the press conference could come anytime after Christmas. Filming on Brosnan's current project wraps up on the 17th of December and Brosnan has already revealed that he's due at Pinewood on the 13th of January. So it seems the best estimate would be for the first few weeks on January. Despite our prediction, the date of the press release is expected to be announced soon.

    We'll keep you informed. Thanks to 'Jay' for bringing this news to our attention.