1. Madeira Island To Feature As Location

    By daniel on 2001-12-14

    'Jay' alerts us in the Bond 20 Forums to reports from Portugal that Madeira Island in Portugal will be used as a filming location for Bond 20. This news has been reported by both SIC-R News Channel and the DN newspaper.

    It appears that Producer Michael G Wilson and Associate Producer Tom Pevsner recently visited Madeira to conduct talks with the Regional Government President. All reports indicate that those talks were successful and that the producers have obtained the required licenses to film in the area.

    Filming will apparently take place in two locations at the least. The first is the Madeira North Coast, where the roads are built into the mountain side. It has been reported that some of these roads will be closed for a few days at the end of February, work will be done at this stage by the Second Unit. The other location is the Reid's Hotel in Madeira. Other reports seem to indicate that filming may also take place at one of Madeira's casinos and some of it's exotic exterior gardens.

    While not mentioning possible Asian locations the reports did mention Britain, Iceland and Spain as other filming locations. Recent news seems to indicate that the Spanish filming will be done in Cadiz which will double as Havana in Cuba.

    Thanks to 'Jay' for the tip-off in the Bond 20 Forums, where you can discuss this news now!