1. 'Thunderball' Lithograph

    By daniel on 2001-12-13

    'Thunderball' Lithograph

    Date Illustrated: March 2001

    Edition: 1500

    The Assignment: The Biggest Bond Of All.

    The Solution:So many images, so much fun, how do you cram all of that into a 16 x 20? One of the classics, this Bond caper has it all. Creating 2 different lithos for this one title would have been easier than narrowing down actors and moments for one. The ocean and sky color was a must for this design. It allowed me to weave the underwater images all through the design. Largo and Domino are dressed formally, but 007 is barechested and ready for the deep. The illustration is jam packed with people and places, but then again, so was the film.

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