1. First: Halle Berry Confirms She's In Bond 20

    By daniel on 2001-12-13

    Another first for CommanderBond.Net as we become the first Bond site to publish news that Halle Berry has confirmed she will be appearing in James Bond 20.

    In an interview with Entertainment Tonight about her upcoming film with Billy Bob Thornton, Monster's Ball, the segment turned to Bond 20 with a small clip of Pierce Brosnan in The World Is Not Enough. With a voice over declaring that Berry will soon being work on Bond 20 a clip was shown of Berry saying "I will be the next Bond girl, a bad Bond girl. My characters name is Jinx".

    Berry was first rumoured as appearing in Bond 20 when a news leak in Korea revealed that she and other actors were up for roles in the film. On the 28th of November 'Variety' revealed that Berry was indeed under considerations and only a few days later EON Productions followed suit. Since then Berry herself has also talked about starring in Bond 20. However, this is the first direct confirmation to date.

    The only concern with the news on ET is the short length of the comment by Berry, it could have quite easily been edited out of context. However, it seems unlikely.

    Thanks to Jeff for sending in the alert! And remember, you read it here first at Bond 20 @ CommanderBond.Net cause we're the first site with the news!

    Don't forget to discuss this news in the Bond 20 Forums especially in this thread where Halle Berry has been the centre of attention. See you there!