1. Reuters Reports On Cádiz As Filming Location

    By daniel on 2001-12-10

    News agency Reuters has today reported that producers of Bond 20 will be using Cádiz in Spain as a filming location. Cádiz first became a rumoured location on the 8th of December when mentioned the news.

    Interestingly enough Reuters has reported that part of Bond 20 "was to be shot in the southern Spanish port city because of its similarity with the Cuban capital Havana." So has Cuba now become a film-location for Bond 20? As users of the Bond 20 Forums have pointed out, original script drafts of The World Is Not Enough had Bond in Cuba. The original opening sequence where Bond is in a Swiss bankers office was originally set in Cuba, hence, we have the 'Cigar Girl'.

    Reuters has also made a slight mention of the Cádiz's mayoress being offered a small part in the film. Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read) The mayoress was reportedly offered a small part as a nurse who receives Bond in hospital. This news came from a spokesman for Mayoress Teofila Martinez. Her reason for turning down the role, it's not the best work for a politician.

    Thanks to 'bondgirl' for bringing the news to my attention in this thread in the Bond 20 Forums. Don't forget to drop by and join in the coversation.