1. Halle Berry Talks Bond 20

    By daniel on 2001-12-07

    American actress Halle Berry has confirmed rumours that she is currently negotiating to appear in James Bond 20. In an interview on "Cinema Confidential" Berry has said;

    Are you going to be the next Bond girl? Is that rumor true?

    You know what, I don’t know and the truth is I’m trying to work out the dates with “X-Men 2.” I’ve been having a really hard time working around my X-Men schedule because it’s a sequel. They are in first position so they have to approve of every movie that I take that could possibly interfere with their start date. Trouble is, they don’t really have a start date. So, it’s getting very gray because I really want to be able to go work but at the same time I have to honor my contract with them, so they’re trying really hard to work it out with MGM and I hope it works out.

    Berry has also commented on the nature of her character in Bond 20. I must warn you there are potential plot spoilers in both the question and her reply (however, part does not as a result it won't be hidden) so you'll have to highlight the news to read it. WebTV users, and other users incapable of highlight, view the printer friendly version above.

    Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read)

    Now, you are supposed to be playing a villain in the Bond movie?

    Yes, I am his nemesis this time around. I will not be topless. I actually have a clause that says, “I will not be topless in this movie.”

    There's a big confirmation there about the nature of Berry's character. It was only recently that EON Productions had confirmed that Berry was in negotiations for the role, now Berry has confirmed further rumours. Despite what Berry has said about an unknown filming date for X-Men 2 it has recently been reported that filming will commence in May.

    It would be a shame if Berry was forced to miss filming Bond 20 because of X-Men. Not only would it be a loss for Bond 20 but it would also be a loss for X-Men as Berry's role in Bond would obviously bring a lot of attention to the film.

    Berry has been a hot topic in the Bond 20 Forums, the only place to discuss Bond 20, and this thread is devoted to discussing her role and other Bond 20 casting. See you there!

    Finally a big thanks to Thomas Chau from "Cinema Confidential" for sending in the news. If you're interested in reading the full interview, epecially details on X-Men 2, visit" Cinema Confidential".