1. More Details On Rumoured Bond 20 Vehicle

    By daniel on 2001-12-06

    'Jay' alerts us in the Bond 20 Forums to a report from the Western Daily Press dated December 4 that makes a brief mention of some rumours that have been reaccuring over the past month or so. I must warn you that potential spoilers do apply so you'll have to highlight parts of the report to read it. WebTV users, and other users incapable of highlight, view the printer friendly version above.

    Western Daily Press 04/12/2001 – By Janet Hughes

    DOWN-to-earth farmers are being urged to become star-struck to help turn parts of the Wye Valley into a mini Hollywood.

    For consultants believe turning their yards, barns and fields into film sets could provide farmers with vital income and give the tourism industry a much needed boost.

    Now a major initiative is underway to sell the stunning scenery in the area of outstanding natural beauty to movie moguls from all over the world.

    And farmers have been asked to get the scheme underway by using their knowledge of the local landscapes to build a database of unusual and secret locations.

    Monmouthshire county council has advertised for farmers to come forward with any landscapes that may be of interest to the scouts, particularly oddities or places off the beaten track which have survived the march of the 21st century intact.

    Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read)

    Only recently the Wye narrowly missed out as a location for the latest James Bond movie starring Pierce Brosnan because of technical difficulties over staging the hovercraft scenes on the river.

    News of a hovercraft in Bond 20 has continued to surface in the media since CommanderBond.Net first reported the possibility of it being used as a vehicle in Bond 20 in early November. Now it seems that the media has managed to get hold of where that hovercraft chase scene will take place, on a river. With all the rumours of a major ice involvement for Bond 20 I had personally presumed that a hovercraft chase sequence would take place on snow, as I’m sure that many other people had.

    A big thank you to 'Jay' for sending in that news to us. If you'd like to discuss it any further drop into the Bond 20 Forums and check out this thread which has been discussing this Bond 20 vehicle for some time now.