1. Exclusive: Bond 20 Casting News Surfaces

    By daniel on 2001-12-04

    'Spacebabe' has done the fantastic job of sending us this audition notice for James Bond 20. This information comes from 'CastCall', a UK based audition information source. I must warn you that the casting information does contain possible spoilers, so you'll have to highlight it to read it. WebTV users, and other users incapable of highlight, view the printer friendly version above.

    Cast Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read)

    Debbie McWilliams Casting

    Casting : Bond Movie
    Dates : Shoot from end January

    wimps, MUST FULLY COMPLY with the description – you all know what Bond
    henchmen are like – well they want more! – more scary, more menacing.

    Still also accepting suggestions for Korean actors & actresses all
    (adult) ages

    With EON Productions confirmation yesterday that Halle Berry was indeed being

    considered as the next Bond girl new light was thrown on recent news out of

    Korea suggesting a major Korean involvement in Bond 20, and also the return of Wai Lin to the Bond film.

    With this audition notice there is now no reason to doubt that the Korean news was false. It would seem apparent that it was an accidental

    leak from within the production team.

    But we now know that Bond 20 will feature a Korean henchman, that obviously hasn’t been cast yet though no doubt other people are being

    considered. We also have confirmation that Korean actors are required, possibly just extra roles but that’s open to speculation.

    So what does this lead to? Well it seems that the longer lasting Bond actors (ie Connery and Moore) all atleast one film with Asian

    connections. For Sean Connery it was ‘You Only Live Twice’ and for Roger Moore it was ‘The Man With The Golden Gun’. Until now most people

    had presumed that Pierce Brosnan’s Asian film was ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’, not it seems apparent that that is not so. With filming loction

    rumours indicating filming in South Korea, a Korean henchman and Korean actors (and possibly extras) Bond 20 is going to the Pierce Brosnan’s

    major Asian film.

    There's some very big news there. Please totter over to the Bond 20 Forums and discuss it in this thread which SpaceBabe created. And a big thank you to Spacebabe for sending the audition notice into us! It's greatly appreciated. See you in the forums!