1. EON Confirm Halle Berry In Casting Race

    By daniel on 2001-12-03

    The French James Bond Club today reported that EON Productions have confirmed that Halle Berry is in negotiations to appear in Bond 20 as the main Bond Girl. Berry is currently unsigned as her contract is still in negotiations.

    This confirmation has thrown credibility on a recent report out of Korea. The report was the first to mention that Halle Berry was being cast in Bond 20. It also sighted more information about the possible return of Michelle Yeoh, who first appeared in Tomorrow Never Dies, and the casting of other actors.

    Speculation in the Bond 20 Forums has always pointed towards the report being true, and an accidental leak from the division of EON Productions currently in Korea.

    You can discuss Hally Berry's casting in the Bond 20 Forums and in particular this thread which was started about Berry and the Korean news. See you there!

    Finally, a big thank you to 'Level007' for alerting us to the news.