1. New Bond 20 Filming Locations Rumoured

    By daniel on 2001-12-03

    A short while back Coming Attractions posted this report on filming locations for Bond 20;

    A scooper who claims to have a friend working on the production tips us off with the shooting locations for Bond 20. According to the scooper’s friend, the picture will start shooting the second week of January (that’s a known fact) and continue lensing until mid-May. The production will film in Spain, Iceland and England’s most western county, Cornwall.

    While we've heard of the Spain and Iceland locations before, Cornwall is a completely new location. However, the disappearance of Korea as a filming location raises questions about the report. Perhaps tghe scooper's friend doesn't have access to all the relevant information?

    And today's Dark Horizon's update has reported;

    The makers of the new James Bond movie have been scouting film locations in the UK including a place in London’s South West known as Alice Holt Forest. ‘Scribbler’ says “Alice Holt forest is owned by the Forestry Commission, and the location was used in ‘Gladiator’. Looks like that talk of them developing a hovercraft for a chase scene is true because they want to film on a lake at the forest for a scene in which a hovercraft will leap over a barrier. Apparently English Nature are still considering the request as the lake is a site of Special Scientific Interest”. Meantime buxom model Sophie Dahl is tipped to be joining the adventure, whilst Emily Mortimer briefly talked the next 007 film at a recent charity event for “The 51st State”: “I did an embarassing audition. I have nightmares every night about how bad it was”. Thanks to ‘James’.

    Well the Hovercraft news which we revealed some weeks ago now has resurfaced, and in grand style. It's interesting to note the similarities between the reports; that EON Productions are looking to film some external scenes for Bond 20 in the United Kingdom.

    Personally, I'd ignore the Sophie Dall rumour. Some months ago she placed herself as a rumour saying she wished to play a Bond girl in an upcoming Bond film, but not Bond 20 specifically. And it's great to see that Emily Mortimer tried out for the role, a great bit of trivia there for future use.

    Look out for more Bond 20 news soon! And a big thanks to 'Beamer' for tipping me off to the news. If you'd like to discuss it, check out the Bond 20 Forums.