1. CBN 2002 Launched!!

    By David Winter on 2001-12-01

    After hearing my alarm go of at 7am, I jumped out of bed, fell over a pair of shoes, but finally made it up to my computer.

    The installation took around 20 minutes – which is great, as I was expecting it to take hours. There was no errors in my coding and all the directories were set up correctly. All those hours of preperation paid off.

    With the new CBN, currently there is no change to the script that powers it, Content Wizard, but the obvious change is the design of the site. We've finally moved away from the old layout and gone with a brand new one.

    The top menu has changed to provide quick access to all the best parts of CBN. You'll notice around the site as well, we have new graphics and we're currently working on updating the Films section.