1. Actress Naomi Westerman Up For Role

    By daniel on 2001-11-30

    British-based actress Naomi Westerman is up for a role in Bond 20, according to an interview with her in Maxim Magazine.

    As a movie star, who would be your ideal leading man?

    Clive Robertson. (Ben, Sunset Beach). I’d love to work with him.
    He’s very sexy, he’s just a beautiful man. He’s extremely talented too. And that’s the sexiest thing, right?

    You think? Most girls go for the car.

    Well, I have a car.
    But he is talented. He’s going to win an Oscar one day.
    He’s going to win an Oscar and be James Bond (laughs).

    And the rumours that you yourself are to be a Bond girl?

    Oh, I can’t answer that, I don’t like to talk about jobs until everything is signed and sealed. I certainly wouldn’t mind! I’ve always loved James Bond.

    So does that mean she's up for a role in Bond 20? It certainly wouldn't be for the leading Bond Girl. However, Westerman could be up for a smaller role. Perhaps a role similair to the size of Dr Warmflash in 'The World Is Not Enough'.

    While her website contains no definite answers as to her involvement with Bond 20 in the News section there is a small note that Naomi is on holiday at the moment and will then travel to Los Angeles to audition for various roles. After this "Naomi is provisionally planning to return to the UK in mid January to start filming her next movie." While no mention is made of what her next movie actually is, January is also the time that Bond 20 starts filming. This could mearly be a coincidence. Also mentioned in the Trivia page is the news that Naomi "turned down a 6 month contract with popular BBC soap opera Doctors to audition for the next James Bond movie."

    Also of note on her website is the information directly about Naomi. One of her hobbies for instance is Ballet, past rumours about actresses in Bond 20 have cited that they are talented in this area. One of her favourite sports is also kickboxing. But of most interest, one of her favourite acros is Pierce Brosnan, amongst her favourite actresses are Diana Rigg and Sophie Marceau, her favourite film is Dr No, her favourite author is Ian Fleming and finally two of her favourite books are Dr No and Casino Royale. It sounds like Naomi has a healthy Bond addiction.

    I've tried to get in contact with Naomi, I'll let you know more as it comes to me. Until then visit the Bond 20 Forums if you'd like to discuss this or anything else related to Bond 20!

    Finally, a big thank you to 'Spacebabe' for sending the news my way!