1. Variety Reports Halle Berry May Join Cast

    By daniel on 2001-11-28

    Usually know for accurate news Variety have reported that Halle Berry is poised to star opposite Pierce Brosnan in Bond 20.

    NEW YORK (Variety) – Halle Berry is poised to star alongside Pierce Brosnan as the femme fatale in the next James Bond film, which is fast mobilizing for a Jan. 14 start at Pinewood Studios in Britain. New Zealander Lee Tamahori is directing.

    Most interesting in the report is the title, Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read)BUSY BERRY MAY BOND AS VILLAIN. Hot on the heels of Elektra King will we see another female villain in Bond 20? Or is Berry perhaps gunning for a role such as Xenia Onatopp? The possibilities seem endless.

    Another report which has recently appeared on Variety indicates that Berry may be forced to pull out of Bond 20 due to scheduling conflicts with 'X-Men 2'.

    PeopleNews, who aren't anywhere as respectable a source as Variety, have also reported that "actress Halle Berry has been confirmed to appear" in Bond 20. Thanks to 'MfG' from 'Hallalla┬┤s Bondseiten' for sending that news in!

    We'll have more news as it breaks. Until then visit the Bond 20 Forums where this discussion is ongoing about Berry and other recent casting news.